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Since 2016, the Twelve and Thirteen b’nei mitzvah (coming of age) programs have provided some of the most meaningful volunteering experiences families can enjoy to mark their child's special year and actively make a difference to people in need.  Our programs are secular, non religious and independently run. 


Our organisation's vision is to foster Jewish values and inspire families to help others through volunteering with Melbourne's most dynamic charities. These five pillars underpin our programs and everything we do. 






Our Story

It started with a desire to help others.

Twelve Batmi is a Jewish community organisation that was formed in 2015 when founder Moran Dvir’s eldest daughter was approaching her bat mitzvah age. A lifelong volunteer, Moran wanted her daughter to experience the same satisfaction and personal gratitude she felt when helping others. Moreover, she hoped that regularly volunteering with her daughter would create a balance to the many parties and celebrations that Yasmin would attend (as well as her own).


Moran designed Twelve to be a parent-child program in order to create shared experiences that her daughter would remember for many years to come. In 2016, Thirteen Barmi was formed with the same values and philosophy.

Enriching Your Child's Life

Twelve and Thirteen provide the unique opportunity to give back in a year that can easily be filled with selfies, friends and gifts. The programs give children the opportunity to use their time, energy and skills to help others, shifting their focus from inwards to outwards.


As children embark on this special journey with a parent, experiences in the program such as listening to a homeless person tell their story or personally delivering meals to elderly people in a housing estate can spark family discussion outside of the program sessions.


Through experiential learning, children expand their understanding  about giving, inequality, and kindness and how and why we should help others. As equal participants in the programs, parents are witness to their growth, expressions of gratitude and curiosity about the world we live in.


The Board

Angie Fox [Secretary]

Dannielle Michaels 

Davin Miller

Devin Rudaizky [Legal]

Moran Dvir [Co-Chair]

Julian Isaacs [Treasurer]

Tammie Slade [Co-Chair]

Tory Krause [Legal]




Twelve & Thirteen Crew

Ally Baron

Ashlee Glasser [Program Administrator]

Bindy Cohen

Candice Bekowitz

Ella Herman

Michal Gelber

Melora Stern

Moran Dvir

Jennifer Dew {Program Manager]

John Wayne

Julie Hilton

Kade Berman

Monique Lustig

Nadine Alford

Rachel Pitt 

Reuvi Cooper

Ronit Joel

Simonne Whine

Sophie Oppenheimer 

Our team is passionate about giving families the most unique, enriching and meaningful volunteering experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.


Twelve Batmi and Thirteen Barmi are proud to work with some of Australia’s most dynamic, impactful not-for-profit organisations. From established multi-nationals to the most grassroots local organisations, our partners are carefully chosen to provide the most up close and personal experience for our families. 

To enquire about your organisation taking part in our programs, please get in touch.


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We are truly grateful for the support of our in kind partners. Their generosity allows us to work smarter, better and with greater efficiency, in turn amplifying our impact on our charity partners and giving our participants the best possible experience in our program. 


Twelve and Thirteen gratefully acknowledges the support of the Besen Family Foundation, The Eva and Les Erdi Humanitarian Charitable Foundation, Gandel Philanthropy and Spotlight Foundation. We are truly humbled by their contribution to our vision of fostering Jewish values and inspiring families to help others through volunteering.


"Each month I looked forward to all the informative sessions and I have really loved that special time with my daughter.”