Board Opportunities

A unique program

needs unique people. 


At Twelve Batmi and Thirteen Barmi, we’re all about giving. We engage with a diverse range of charities to give our tweens/teens and their families meaningful volunteering experiences in the Jewish and wider community. It’s a year of giving back in what is a defining time in a young Jewish person’s life.


The Board of Twelve & Thirteen is seeking to fill three honorary positions commencing early 2021. Detailed information on each role can be downloaded here


Twelve & Thirteen is committed to diversity and inclusion and we encourage applications from candidates with a range of perspectives, abilities and backgrounds in order to achieve a richer, more creative environment for our organisation. 



The Chair position requires a minimum two year commitment and is set to commence in early 2021, with a handover period end of 2020. The role requires a commitment of around 3-5 hours a week (or split between two people, 2-3 hours each). The role will be offered to one candidate or two people sharing Co-Chairing responsibilities. (Please indicate in your application cover letter which option you prefer.)

Board Member - General 

The Board is seeking a General Board Member for a two year term to provide general board support and advice. The role requires a commitment of around 2-4 hours a week mostly across the school year. See below for more information. 

Board Member - Legal 

The Board is seeking a legal practitioner with an interest in Australian not-for-profit law to join for a two year term. The role requires a commitment of around 2-4 hours a week mostly across the school year. See below for more information.  


The vision of Twelve & Thirteen, as set by our Board, is to 'grow the next generation of givers.'  The DoGood Volunteers Ltd Board is the legal structure that oversees the Twelve Batmi and Thirteen Barmi programs and is a charitable company limited by guarantee. The Board is responsible for the strategic direction and safeguarding of the programs, with the Program Manager (who leads the Twelve & Thirteen Committee) reporting into the Chair. Led by the PM, the Twelve & Thirteen Program Committee (separate to the Board) manages and delivers the programs. 


Currently there are eight board members – Moran Dvir & Tammie Slade (Moran is stepping off the Board end 2020 and Tammie will transition to General Board Member in 2021), Angie Fox (Secretary), Tory Krause (Legal Counsel, stepping down 2020), Devin Rudaizky (Legal Counsel, stepping down end 2020), Dannielle Michaels (Development), Davin Miller (Finance) and Julian Isaacs (Treasurer). 


Each Board Member has an honorary position (such as Secretary) and/or actively participates in one of the Committees below:

  1. Governance - ensuring the Board addresses risk management, strategic leadership and good governance 

  2. Finance - overseeing the financial operations of the organisation 

  3. Development - overseeing marketing & PR functions

  4. Fundraising & Grants - donor relations, fundraising and grants 



For the past six years, Twelve & Thirteen have engaged over 100 families annually in a unique b’nei mitzvah giving program with Melbourne’s most dynamic not for profit organisations. Our pluralistic program continues to grow a new generation of givers, providing rich volunteering experiences for parents and their bar/bat mitzvah child in unique, behind the scenes settings such as aged care homes, homeless centres, housing commission flats and more. During 2020, in response to COVID- 19 restrictions, the organisation pivoted, engaging families in a tailored digital program that engaged new partners and created new experiences for families. Ahead of 2021, the organisation is planning a hybrid model that capitalises on its ‘real life’ experience as well as digital expertise in engaging families in giving. 

The diversity and breadth of our participants sees children from 20+ schools across Melbourne taking part in our program, and is testament to our inclusive, open culture. We welcome families of all Jewish backgrounds, including LGBQTI families, reform, orthodox, secular and multi faith families. 



Applications close:  Wednesday 28 October, 2020. 

For any questions please contact Moran Dvir on 0411 158 337 or

Twelve and Thirteen gratefully acknowledge the support of the Besen Family Foundation, The Eva and Les Erdi Humanitarian Charitable Foundation, Gandel Philanthropy, The Orah Fund and Spotlight Foundation.

We are truly humbled by their contribution to our vision of fostering Jewish values and inspiring families to help others through volunteering.