Our family is growing!

We are thrilled to welcome our new Program Manager, Jennifer Dew to our team! Jenn joins our organisation to manage and grow Twelve & Thirteen, and has been warmly welcomed by our Board and Committee.

Chair and Founder Moran Dvir said, "On behalf of our Board, we are absolutely delighted to welcome Jenn to our team. This new role, made possible by our philanthropic supporters, signals a new and exciting era for us. After five years of volunteer led programs, our next step was to fund a dedicated Program Manager to lead Twelve and Thirteen. With this major milestone achieved and Jenn's specialised skills and energy, we are as confident and focussed as ever of achieving our vision of fostering Jewish values and inspiring even more families to help others through volunteering."

Jenn brings exceptional experience in facilitating business change and managing charitable and volunteering programs within the corporate sector. "I believe each child is a potential change agent. In my new role as Program Manager, I'm excited to ignite the inner altruistic spark in each Twelve and Thirteen participant", she says. With a keen interest in social justice and capacities in marginalised communities, Jenn is a mother to one and been a past respite foster carer to many others. You could say she lives by the values of our programs.

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