Play ball with Helping Hoops!

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Helping Hoops is an organization we’re huge fans of and this month our families learnt why.

It’s not only the dedication of their coaches, who turn up each week, or the fast paced, action packed clinics they run. It’s the ‘on the ground’ work they do, giving kids that are disadvantaged and living in housing commission flats the opportunity to play hard, get fit and enjoy all the benefits of a team sport they wouldn’t ordinarily be able to attend.

Our families said it better than we could:

"I liked that conversation could flow within the groups enabling us to converse with the residents and each other. Realising that no matter what unfortunate situation you find yourself in you still want to do what kids love best, having fun, sport, being with your mates outdoors and [that] sometimes all you need is a ball and a hoop to make you smile and forget all else that is going on around you."

Helping Hoops Volunteering Day
Twelve Batmi Girls with Helping Hoops

You can’t tell in this photos, but this session took place in gale force winds, with balls flying, hair whipping in faces and dust blowing in the air. It was not easy. But, it was important to show up, just like Helping Hoops does, show resilience and PLAY ON. A big thank you to Steve, one of Helping Hoops’ super skilled and dedicated coaches for running our session. We’ll be back!

Awesome pics by Theo Lehrer

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