Say hello to Sophie Oppenheimer

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

One thing we’ve learnt on this journey? That sometimes the people on your team that make less noise, still have so much to contribute! Thirteen team member Sophie is gentle, calm and steady, drawing on her teaching background to expertly command a room of excited parents and kids into a humming hive of activity.

The magic in Thirteen for Sophie? “Enabling the families to step out of their comfort zone and engage with other groups less fortunate than themselves... and to watch the boys empathy deepen.”

“My favourite session has been with St Joseph’s Outreach Service in South Yarra, preparing soup and muffins for food bank clients and manning the food bank with 30 eager Barmi boys and parents.”

When she’s not busy with Thirteen, Sophie loves running, cooking, hiking, travel, flowers, reading, theatre and music. Which is a fantastic reminder that our programs are led by some pretty awesome (and busy!) volunteers who love sharing their passion of giving back.

Pic by Jarrod Freedman Photography

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