Why our families are awesome

Want to know why we think our families are awesome? 'Cause when they show up to our program, they REALLY show up. For our final session for Twelve recently, our families showed up with boxes of books and games they'd collected for a needy school community, as well as enthusiasm, big smiles and a willingness to roll their sleeves up and get to work.

Our families were out in force hosting this year’s annual Twelve Batmi fete for Aldercourt Primary in Frankston North. They collected and donated a staggering 2,100 books, puzzles and games. Aldercourt Principal Kathie Arnold shared with our participants many of the issues that children at the school face such as food insecurity, inability to concentrate, exposure to family violence, absent parents, lack of adequate sleeping arrangements and many more.

For many children at Aldercourt, breakfast and lunch consists of junk food and soft drink, while many come to school with no lunches. To help, the Twelve families prepared healthy snacks of cut-up fruit and 200 boxes of fresh vegetables for the students. Our families also ran a range of fun activities, including face-painting, stress-ball making, slime-making, and arts and crafts. The girls also helped students from the primary school select books and games and enjoyed a fun afternoon of making friends and learning a different perspective.

Twelve Batmi parents described the volunteering experience as an “eye-opener”, reflecting on the session by saying “...we are all the same, but unfortunately are given very different pathways in life.” Another parent remarked “we walked away feeling very grateful for the life that we have and we felt so good about being able to give back to others” and that the day was an “eye opener for our children to see how fortunate they are to be in schools with many facilities and resources.”

Twelve's annual fete at Aldercourt gives our batmitzvah families the opportunity to make a real impact to a community in need in a fun, hands on way. We were incredibly proud of our batmitzvah girls as they led the activities with the Aldercourt children and the smiles that they put on many faces.

A big thank you to b.box baby essentials​ for their gorgeous totes. We are also very grateful to Boots For All​ who generously donated brand-new sets of footy and soccer boots, clothing and balls for the school to use, as well as the City of Stonnington and Sports Outlet Cheltenham for donating football, soccer, basketball, rugby and netball balls to help stock Aldercourt’s low sporting supplies.

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