Our Programs

Twelve & Thirteen is a unique program that give batmitzvah girls and  barmitzvah boys and their families the opportunity to embark on a year long journey of giving and kindness. 

Since 2016, the Twelve and Thirteen b’nei mitzvah (coming of age) programs have provided some of the most meaningful volunteering experiences families can enjoy to mark their child's special year and, to actively make a difference to people in need.  Our programs are pluralistic and we welcome families of all backgrounds. 


  A year of giving  

Sign up to the Twelve or Thirteen year long volunteering program

Participate in monthly  volunteering experiences with Melbourne’s most dynamic not-for-profit organisations.



Learn about different social issues in the broader community, such as homelessness, food security, disadvantage, disability and social isolation. 



Have a fun and truly meaningful year connecting with family, friends and the wider community.