The Parents said...

“Sharing the privilege of giving with no need or expectation of receiving anything in return as well as meeting and making contact with people we've never before met in the context of giving/kindness”

 Sophia and Amanda, Twelve 2017.



“Even the smallest things can make a huge difference to someone.” – Samantha and Kayleigh, Twelve 2018.


“There are many ways in which you can help others and it can be so simple - and enjoyable - to do.” – Tashi and Meghan, Twelve 2018.


“It was a good eye opener for the girls to see the hardships that many families face.” – Mia and Michelle, Twelve 2018.




“…opening our eyes as to the significant number of children that go hungry every day. It was amazing to be able to help in some way knowing that the little time we spent will impact children in need immediately.” – Jordan and Rose, Thirteen 2017.


“A very special, different experience. Sport is the global equalizer for human beings, young or old. Fans or players. Just to let go of everything in your lives for 2 hours and have fun playing sport together, with no judgement on race or colour. We were all even for those 2 hours.” – Kai and Michael, Thirteen 2017.


“Meeting the recipients of the meals. The kids actually felt like they are making a difference” – Gilad and Tali, Thirteen 2017.


“Seeing everyone work together brain storming to really help someone in need and less fortunate than us.” – Molly and Samantha, Twelve 2017.

The kids said...

“The most important lesson I have learnt this year is that one small activity can have a massive impact on someone else.  A good example of this was when I went to Emmy Monash aged care. One hour of my life made another person’s day.”

Eitan, Thirteen 2017.

“Being in the Twelve program has made me want to be an adult that gives back to the community and helps out! The thing that I have learnt is that there is always time to help.” – Gemma, Twelve 2017.


“I will be more grateful from now on now that I know how other children spend their days much differently than how I usually do. I am really grateful for the community that I live in and I feel that everyone should feel this too.” – Romy, Twelve 2017.


“During the Twelve batmi program I realised what kind of adult I would want to be – someone who volunteers, is grateful and helpful to others.” – Jess, Twelve 2017.


“While doing the Twelve program, I learnt a lot about the life I live. There are children and adults that struggle to have a meal every day. I never realised what people go through in their daily life and this program has opened my eyes. This has become really important to me and I hope in the future I can give to people.” – Ellie, Twelve 2017.


“I am so grateful that my mum has taken me to all the Twelve program sessions even whilst she was sick, and never complained once. I am very proud that she is always there to help me out and always wants to help be a better person.” – April, Twelve 2017.


“A session that really stood out to me was Youth Projects. This made me think how privileged myself and the community around me are. All the little things that I don’t acknowledge tell me how privileged I am. The Twelve program has helped me grow and from now on I will appreciate everything I have.” – Orly, Twelve 2017.


“When we came to drop the food off, Vera came downstairs to see us. She invited us up and we had a talk for 15 minutes before she told us about her son. She told us that he hadn’t been home for a while and this was sad because he was the only one she had left.  This impacted me because if one person loses everything, it shows the impact it can have on them and how they live.”- Behm, Thirteen 2017.


“The Thirteen session I gained the most out of was Make A Wish. I helped grant a sick child a wish to make them feel better. I learnt that if you help someone it helps them and at the same time it feels good.  After the session, I felt good that I helped a sick child.  The Thirteen program taught me how lucky I am.” – Eyal, Thirteen 2017.


“I think it is important to help children in other communities because they deserve the same opportunities and education that I am lucky enough to have…The Thirteen program has shown me a world outside of my own.” Jordy, Thirteen 2017.


“It wasn’t like I did something amazing, all I did was cook a meal, make a sandwich or play a game of basketball. The thing is, this is all these people need… I have learnt that just small acts of kindness can make these people happy, and, as a newly formed adult, I will give these people my small acts of kindness in the future.” – Jack, Thirteen 2017.