Volunteers are integral to the work we do and the people we help.   There’s nothing we love more than combining the creative forces of our team to design the most unique, meaningful and fun volunteering experiences for our families.  We greatly appreciate the time and commitment given so generously by our volunteers who support us in all areas of our work. Without them we could not help as many people as we do.

The Team

Nadine Alford

Twelve & Thirteen Committee

After completing year 12 in 2018, Nadine decided to take a gap year in Israel on a program called IBC. She spent the first half of the year travelling around Israel, living independently and volunteering with a variety of organisations. For the second half of the year, she attended a midrasha where she deepened her knowledge in Judaism, and then concluded the program by attending a mechina, alongside students from Israel and all around the world, where she partook in programs learning about prevalent issues, history and leadership. Nadine is very excited to be part of the Twelve/Thirteen program this year. After learning so much about the importance of community engagement, she is looking forward to, alongside the participants, learning about social issues within our community, what organisations are out there striving to resolve these issues, and what we can do to help.

Ally Baron

Twelve & Thirteen Committee

Ally is a Psychology student who is passionate about helping others, supporting the community and working towards a better future. Ally recently spent a year overseas which allowed her to grow and develop interpersonal skills whilst living outside of her comfort zone and exploring new worlds. Travelling has sparked her interest in giving back and she is looking forward to working with people, to educate them on social issues and empowering change.  

Candice Berkowitz

Twelve & Thirteen Committee

Candice Berkowitz, originally from South Africa, moved to Australia in 2002. She is married and has two daughters, 16 and 13 years old. She is currently in her third year of a counselling degree and hopes to work with children or the elderly when she has completed her studies. She has chosen to volunteer with the Twelve & Thirteen program because she thought the program offers so much in terms of charity, cultural diversity and being part of a group with like-minded people who want to give and make a difference in anyway possible and that makes her proud to be a part of it.

Kade Berman

Twelve & Thirteen Committee

I was born in Melbourne, and graduated from ‘Mount Scopus Memorial College’ in 2018. For my gap year I  worked in rural underprivileged communities in east African countries, working with schools, social groups and local charities. I have had experience working with underrepresented and disenfranchised people in and out of the Jewish community, and have a passion for harnessing my privilege to help others. I love to write and read, and try to constantly empower the youth through community service and education. I am passionate about politics and global challenges, literature and human/animal rights.

Bindy Cohen

Twelve & Thirteen Committee

Bindy Cohen, a mother of 4 kids, works as a part time Practice Manager and Registered Nurse. She volunteers everyday helping with many charities such as CSG Protector, Twelve Thirteen committee member, Emunah committee member, school PSG and helping at her kids schools gardening programs (Yavneh and Scopus). Passionate, busy, organised and generous, she is a small package of never ending energy. Bindy loves gardening, sudoku, hiking and adventure.

Reuvi Cooper

Twelve & Thirteen Committee

Born and raised in Melbourne, Reuvi has been working with kids and teens at Chabad Malvern for the last 14 years. He enjoys playing squash and other sports, loves to be busy and has endless energy to teach and inspire others. Reuvi enjoys bringing out the spark of Judaism in the younger generation and loves helping others.

Jennifer Dew

Program Manager

Jenn brings exceptional experience in facilitating business change and managing charitable and volunteering programs within the corporate sector. With a keen interest in social justice and building capacities in marginalised communities, Jenn is a mother to one and has been a past respite foster carer to many others. She believes each child is a potential change agent and is excited to ignite the inner altruistic spark in each Twelve & Thirteen participant. After hours Jenn enjoys entertaining, travel and daydreaming.

Moran Dvir

Founder of Twelve Batmi & Co Founder of Thirteen Barmi, Co-Chair Do Good Volunteers Ltd

When Moran Dvir’s eldest daughter was approaching her batmitzvah year, she formed Twelve Batmi to create a memorable, shared journey of giving (in fact, it was her daughter that coined the tagline, ‘A Year of Giving’). Since then, Moran’s role as (now) Co-Chair of the DoGood Volunteers Board has been both incredibly rewarding and intensely busy. Moran lives by the values of giving back and connectedness and can personally attest to the ‘helpers high’ one enjoys when volunteering. She loves Instagram, travelling, hanging out with her family and friends, walking her labradoodle Lucy, and long lazy naps.

Ella Hermann

Twelve & Thirteen Committee

After graduating from Mount scopus in 2018, Ella spent her gap year in Israel on the Habonim Dror ‘shnat’ program. This year she is continuing her time in the movement as a leader for the senior program. Combining her experience volunteering for various organisations with her time running and engaging programs/camps for kids and young adults, she is very excited to be involved with Twelve &Thirteen in 2020. A lover of being creative, cooking with friends and all things active & outdoors, Ella is an adventurous and enthusiastic person who is always around to listen to Abba songs or to go for a walk by the beach! 

Michal Gelber

Twelve & Thirteen Committee

Michal is a midwife and a mother of four. Helping people in need is a value that she instils in her children on a regular basis by volunteering in various organisations. Michal has joined the 2020 team and is excited to contribute to such a meaningful program. Her son will also be participating in the Thirteen program. Michal loves spending time with friends and family, entertaining, being active, travelling, music and the beach.

Ashlee Glasser

Twelve & Thirteen Committee and Program Administrator

Ashlee Glasser graduated from Mount Scopus College in 2018. After high school she took a gap year to Israel where she was a participant on IBC and attended a seminary. Ashlee is a madricha at Bnei Akiva and is also currently studying Social Work. She is passionate about helping others and loves to travel and see the world! 

Julie Hilton

Twelve & Thirteen Committee

Julie is a mother of three, and has a background in various professions including Teaching, Psychology, Sales, Marketing and of course, volunteering. Inspired to always help others and recognise need and injustice, being there for other people has always come straight from the heart for Julie. From a very young age, Julie was exposed to disadvantaged children and families through the work of The Ardoch Youth Foundation, where her Mum, Kathy Hilton was the founder. Julie has joined the team after completing the Thirteen program with son Brody in 2018 and is excited to continue the journey and be a part of the ‘magic’ that occurs between the boys/girls and their families as they work through the program.

Julian Isaacs

Treasurer, DoGood Volunteers Ltd

Julian is a CPA Qualified accountant with 30+ years experience mainly as top finance position in SMB’s in a multitude of different industries. He is currently self employed running a bookkeeping business offering the full suite of book keeping services, BAS Agent and financial business advice, and is proficient in a multitude of software packages.  Julian has been voluntarily involved in the Jewish community since his teens in a number of community organisations from AZA youth groups, to AUJS and Maccabi. Julian has been involved at grass roots and executive levels of all organisations he has volunteered with.

Ronit Joel

Ronit Joel, Twelve & Thirteen Committee

Ronit is a Psychologist and mother to three amazing kids.  Ronit has been working as a Psychologist in private practice for over 15 years and is a Director of Sage Psychology Group.  Ronit has always been an active volunteer, from her younger years at Habonim to volunteering with organisations such as St Kilda Mums, National Council of Jewish Women (Vic) and the Mt Scopus Parent Council in more recent years.  Ronit has been a facilitator of the Twelve Program for three years.

Tory Kraus

Board Member, DoGood Volunteers Ltd

After 10 years as a commercial lawyer, Tory made a career change in 2017 and started a new role as Volunteer Coordinator at Emmy Monash Aged Care combining experience from law, volunteering and previous communal involvement.  Tory also joined the DoGood Board in 2017 as a way to continue her involvement in the Jewish and wider community.  Tory is the mother of three young children and even though her kids aren’t quite at the Twelve/Thirteen stage, Tory is excited to contribute to a such a meaningful program. Tory loves reading, Pilates and spending time with friends and family - old and new. 

Monique Lustig

Twelve & Thirteen Committee

Monique is in her second year of studying Law and Science. With an interest in social justice, Monique enjoys being involved in her community, including being a leader at Habonim Dror. After volunteering at Emmy Monash for four years, she now works in the activities team there. In 2019, Monique spent five months in Israel which involved learning and volunteering. Monique is new to the 2020 Twelve & Thirteen team, and is excited about the program!

Dannielle Michaels

Board Member, DoGood Volunteers Ltd

Dannielle is co-founder of b.box for kids, where she heads up the company’s global marketing, sales and business development. Dannielle started her career as a journalist with the Australian Jewish News, moving into advertising and strategic communications before starting b.box 10 years ago with an idea and a more than dash of chutzpah. Dannielle brings her passion for people, creative thinking and paying it forward to the team. She has always been involved in the community and believes strongly in leading by example. Dannielle is a mum of three girls and loves Pilates, travel, reading and fairy floss.  

Davin Miller

Board Member, DoGood Volunteers Ltd

Davin Miller has held various CEO and General Management roles for the past 15 years and is currently the Australasian CEO for TSG, a Payments and Software company. For the past 2 years, Davin has served on the Board of Leibler Yavneh College where he has been responsible for the Enrolments Portfolio. Davin has two daughters, aged 12 and 14, both of which have completed the Twelve program. In his spare time, he likes to run marathons and talk about running … a lot.

Sophie Oppenheimer

Twelve & Thirteen Committee

Sophie grew up and studied in the UK. She completed a degree in teaching and music. Sophie has lived and worked in Singapore and Mauritius and is currently based near the beach with two young boys balancing tutoring, floral design and life in general. She enjoys running, cooking, hiking, travel, flowers, reading, theatre and music.

Rachel Pitt

Twelve & Thirteen Committee

Rachel holds a degree in psychology and has over 15 years experience in the IT & Telco industry.  Rachel is a mother of three super active children and is as passionate about children as she is about positive change. Rachel is co -president of WIZO Kids, where she devotes her time to workshops which teach children the value of giving back and actively participating in social justice. In her spare time she likes to run and spend time with family and friends.

Devin Rudaizky

Board Member, DoGood Volunteers Ltd

Devin is a solicitor. Prior to being admitted, he worked as a legal project manager for start-ups and social enterprises at LUNA. Before beginning his professional career, Devin spent his university breaks coming up with excuses to travel the world. This included working as a paralegal for a death penalty defence law firm in Arizona, and working as an editorial intern for a literary magazine in Brooklyn. Devin is passionate about human rights, animal rights and books.

Tammie Slade

Co-Chair, DoGood Volunteers Ltd

Tammie is a mother of four, with a background in Occupational Therapy. Her passions include family, yoga, and supporting her community, both Jewish and wider. Tammie has been volunteering in the community for many years, including a four year term Co- Chairing the parents’ organisation at her children’s school and weekly participation in a giving shift at St Kilda Mums.  Tammie completed the Yesod program at Jewish Care in 2017 and joined the DoGood board in 2018.

Melora Stern

Twelve & Thirteen Committee

With experience in training, e-commerce, catering and sales, and a very very brief period in teaching, Melora has had quite a varied career, working in both the corporate and not for profit sector. She has been volunteering in some capacity since she was a child, helping set out drinks with her dad for the City to Surf fun run in Sydney. Melora loves cooking and having family and friends over for shabbat. She has 3 children who all share her love of reading and baking, although so far none of them appear to be keen on Zumba. 

Simonne Whine

Twelve & Thirteen Committee

Simonne is an experienced Executive and Career Coach and Learning and Development Manager.  She has worked in senior roles for over 20 years across business units leading teams of Coaches and Trainers. She is skilled at helping Leaders to strengthen stakeholder relationships, develop their networks to gain visibility, build influencing skills and show executive presence. She also assists professionals who seek career advice in changing, returning to or launching a new career. Simonne brings her passion to help people thrive to the team. Giving back makes her feel good and helps her stay attached to her values. She enjoys seeing young people learn, grow and thrive. Simonne is a wife and mum of two children. In her spare time she loves to read, cook, decorate interiors, meditate, and walk her 2 cavoodles.

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