The Giving Channel

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The Giving Channel

Make screen time count!


We are excited to introduce our newest way to give, with online volunteering sessions and impactful activities.


Plus you'll get access to small, dynamic and structured digital learning initiatives, including Tiny Talks and Learning Labs.


With The Giving Channel, more families can give back and make their barmi and batmi year even more meaningful, including participants from interstate. The possibilities are endless.


Be active, be engaged, be connected and join us in growing through giving – at home. 

What’s included: 

  • 7 digital workshops covering a variety of social issues

  • 24 Tiny Talk activations via WhatsApp

  • 3 digital Learning labs

  • 1 digital Opening and 1 digital Closing Ceremony


Register before 20 December and secure your spot for $199*

*Program cost $225 after 20/12/2020. Unlimited spaces available.


All programs have been subsidised by the Twelve & Thirteen Board to enable more families to join our programs.

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Making food for Jewish families in crisis with Emmy Monash residents 
Playing basketball with disadvantaged children living in housing commissions around Melbourne
Making hand made gifts for mothers and children with
McCauley Community Services for Women

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information:


Jennifer Dew 0419393939


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