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The Thirteen Barmi program has been designed to create a shared family volunteer experience for parent and child. Studies have repeatedly confirmed what we know as the ‘helper’s high’ – that volunteering activities evoke gratitude, boosts mental health and self-esteem and creates a strong connectedness to others.


The bar mitzvah year can create a somewhat distorted view of the world around us. Thirteen Barmi's non-traditional bar mitzvah program reinforces to boys the importance of giving back to others in a year that can very easily become absorbed with parties and celebrations. The program also recognises the growing maturity of the bar mitzvah boy and empowers him to step up by taking on more social awareness and understanding, and importantly, allows him to make a positive impact to the world around him.

The average cost of a bar mitzvah varies greatly and can reach up to tens of thousands of dollars, but the benefit of a year-long journey of volunteering is priceless.


Around 40-50 Jewish families participate in the Thirteen program from a wide variety of schools and backgrounds. The program begins in February with a workshop attended by all participants. The remaining sessions are held monthly on Sunday mornings and afternoons, where our families will self select a convenient session time.


Each group attends a different volunteering experience which are rotated where possible. Partner Not for Profits are handpicked by our team who curate rich experiential learning opportunities in different social issues (such as homelessness, literacy, food security) using a variety of volunteering activities (such as cooking food, planting a garden, making blankets etc).


Participants have the unique opportunity to partake in tailored experiences that are generally closed to the public. Sessions are usually held on site with the charity, giving families an up close and personal opportunity to meet with staff and clients helped by the organisation. 

Some examples of the charity work we get involved in

Making food for Jewish families in crisis with Emmy Monash residents 
Playing basketball with disadvantaged children living in housing commissions around Melbourne

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Making hand made gifts for mothers and children with McCauley


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