2025 Program

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Our b’nei mitzvah program broadens awareness of a wide-range of social issues and provides hands-on volunteering opportunities for our families to give back. It’s flexible, fun and extremely rewarding.


Our Mission

To grow gratitude, empathy and giving in young people and their families through experiential giving in the bar and bat mitzvah year. We achieve our mission through our Twelve & Thirteen programs that:

  • Engage families in unique volunteering experiences
  • Broaden participants’ awareness of social issues
  • Provide direct support to people in need
  • Cultivate an inclusive environment


Twelve & Thirteen is a unique program that give batmitzvah girls and barmitzvah boys and their families the opportunity to embark on a year long journey of giving and kindness.

Being in the Twelve program has made me want to be an adult that gives back to the community and helps out! The thing that I have learnt is that there is always time to help.

I will be more grateful from now on now that I know how other children spend their days much differently than how I usually do. I am really grateful for the community that I live in and I feel that everyone should feel this too.

The 13 session I gained the most out of was Make A Wish. I helped grant a sick child a wish to make them feel better. I learnt that if you help someone it helps them and at the same time it feels good.  After the session, I felt good that I helped a sick child.  The 13 program taught me how lucky I am.